What Inspired Me to Practice and Teach Holistic Health & Wellness

Updated: Jan 17

Although I've attained my certifications as both a Life Coach and Holistic Health coach, health and wellness weren't important factors in my life. Born and raised in San Diego, I grew up eating whatever my heart desired regardless of how it made me feel. I thought because I played sports and was super active it somehow balanced everything out. False.

During my twenties I decided to be more mindful when it came to nurturing my body, mind and soul. Once I began to eat with intention, observe my thoughts, began meditating and releasing anything that wasn't serving my highest changed everything.

Throughout my life many of my peers would gravitate to me when seeking advice on how to self-care, manage their weight, eat better, become more spiritually aligned etc. Which led me to looking into Life Coaching with a niche in Holistic Health and Wellness. I believed coaching would allow me to offer my services to a wider audience while simultaneously advancing my knowledge in this specific field.

My goal is to assist individuals in the process of successful transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. To challenge clients to think outside the box and experiment with manageable steps towards their desired outcomes. I want to inspire clients to maximize their potential through thought provoking and creative process.

The hardest part is starting (or starting over) having someone there to guide you can make all the difference. So let's move forward together.

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