Clearing Your Life of Non-Serving Connections

There are situations that affect our thoughts and emotions which impact our physiology: stressful situations, toxic relationships, unhealthy work environments etc. Negative attitudes and feelings can create chronic stress which upsets the body’s hormone balance, depletes the brain chemicals required for happiness, and damages the immune system.

It’s important to recognize our thoughts and emotions and be aware of the affect they have on our body’s, behavior and relationships. Expanding yourself to acknowledge and observe a situation for what it is and how it affects you can inevitably propel you forward & position you to one day disconnect from it.

Fast from the things that no longer serve you. As you separate yourself from non-serving connections you’ll begin to feel a massive difference. When we’re so close to a situation we’re not able to see the negative impact that it has on us not knowing that it may be the driving force for our high inflammation levels and underlying gut problems.

As inflammation levels increase so do levels of anxiety which can compromise our immune systems. When our gut health is troubled, it can affect our brain and cause neurological issues that look like anxiety and depression.

Negative thoughts, stress & shame are equivalent to junk food but for your soul. Processed food doesn’t serve your body just as much as negative thoughts not serving your mind and soul. Not everyone is able to get up and leave their situations however, the longer you choose to stay in stuck in your ways, extreme [health] situations will be sent your way to force that change to happen.

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