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6 Holistic Ways to Cleanse and Detox your Mind

Practice Meditation

An effective way to help calm and cleanse your mind of negative thoughts over time, while also assisting your body in its healing process. It may result in enhanced emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual



Unload it all so it doesn’t have to weigh as heavy on your mind. Take a few cleansing breaths and reset your attention on your intentions for the day.

Remember the Big Picture

Focus on the long term goals you've set for yourself. Write them down and reflect on them often. Big

picture thinking helps lead you to more success, achievements and happiness.

Time and Space without Technology

Get into a deeper state of self-relfection and mental clarity and detach from the nonstop social demands of daily life. Create conscious intentions around picking up your phone.


Start unfollowing people who you no longer connect with or feel inspired by.

Let Go

What are you ready to release from your life in order to create space for something new to come in?

Let go of whatever is standing in between you and your success and happiness.

Unfollow pages whose content focuses on topics and perspectives that don't resonate with you.

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