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Category:Hypersonic aircraftIndian astronaut and first woman to walk in space, Kalpana Chawla, died last year in an accident. Relatives of the Indian astronaut who died while on board a Soviet space mission in 2003 have demanded that the space agency reveal details of her mysterious death. Kalpana Chawla, a shuttle astronaut from India, died in October 2003 during an accident aboard the International Space Station. "The matter of concern is that of the quality of her last few days, days before she died," J.N. Chawla, her husband, told AFP news agency in Mumbai. A senior official of the Indian space agency who did not wish to be named told AFP Chawla was rushed to a hospital in the southern Indian city of Bangalore on Oct. 16 for serious illness, but died of multiple organ failure hours later. The official said the cause of death was not immediately clear. The official said the family had demanded details of the medical report of Chawla, but they had not been disclosed. Chawla's body was brought back to India last week, and an autopsy was carried out. The results of that autopsy are awaited, the official said. Chawla was the first Indian to travel in space, and the first Indian woman to walk in space in 1997. She was on a mission to the space station when she died. M.K. Tyagi, a former minister of state for space, told AFP that he had a friend who was on the same flight and said Chawla had also been experiencing "serious health problems" when she was picked up by a shuttle at the end of a month-long mission. "I was told that her health was deteriorating," he said. "She was even vomiting." According to a report in The Times of India, citing unnamed sources, Chawla told her colleagues that she felt dizzy as they were being loaded onto the Soyuz spacecraft, and that they called for doctors to examine her. "The doctors did not find any problem, but Kalpana was worried and asked for her medication, which was in her cabin, to be brought to her," the Times of India quoted an unnamed source as saying. "She took three painkillers after which she asked for another, and then another. The doctors told her that the painkiller she took in the morning should have been sufficient.




Steinberg Hypersonic 3 Free 265

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